Ground Zero GZRW 30XSPL-D2 1500W

1990,00 kr.
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  • Den legendariske Radioactive SPL nå tilgjengelig i helt ny kraftigere utgave
  • 30 cm / 12" bass
  • Power handling: 1500W SPL POWER
  • Impedanse: 2 x 2 ohm
  • Kan kobles til 1 x 1 ohm, 1 x 4 ohm eller 2 + 2 ohm
  • Dobbel Polycot spider
  • Svingspole: 75 mm / 3"
  • Slaglengde, Xmax. 25 mm
  • Klippel® optimalisert
  • Monteringsdybde 15,8 cm

  • Anbefalte kasser:
  • Lukket: 15 - 40 liter
  • Portet: 60 liter med 1x6" diameter x 30 cm lengde port
  • Bandpass (to kammer): 40 liter portet kammer med 2 stk 4" x 27cm porter + 20 liter lukket kammer

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Real SPL can be affordable for anyone
Brand New12 inch Radioactive SPL Subwoofer is the new benchmark in its price range
When starting with the development of the new Radioactive SPL Subwoofer,the highest target from the beginning has been to achieve "the ultimate SPL performance on an affordable price level". With the two new 12inch "GZRW XSPL" models, Ground Zero could set a new benchmark now in the premium price range.

The new "GZRW XSPL" comes in two different versions for various SPL applications: The 2x1Ohm version will be called "GZRW 30XPL-D1" and the 2x2Ohm version "GZRW 30XSPL-D2". Both of them feature a real high power 3"voice coil, made of high temperature stable high-grade pure copper round wire. A real heavy double magnet motor drives them.

Out of all further improvements to their predecessors, it is worth highlighting the reinforced non-pressed paper cone, which could be weight-optimized again for higher efficiency. These cones are stitched to the double pressed U-shaped high-roll sandwich surround with yellow thread. The yellow steel baskets of the new GZRW XSPL´s allows furthermore excellent ventilationfor best cooling and low back pressure. Last but not least, these new models are equipped with large double layer Polycot spiders to guarantee high linear excursion.