FOCAL ES130K, pr par - NY!

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Vinner av årets innovasjon på CES Las Vegas 2016

  • 2-veis komponentsystem
  • Utviklet og produsert i Frankrike
  • 130mm (5,25") Bass/mellomtone
  • K2 sandwich kompositt kevlar membran
  • Aluminum chassis, antimagnetisk med ny eksklusiv design for bedre slaglengde
  • 25 x 12mm Svingspole
  • 80x17mm Magnet
  • Inngravert serienummer
  • Diskant: TKM ("M" profil aramid fiber invertert dome)
  • Oppheng: Tuned Mass Damper (TMD)
  • 2-veis separat bi-amping delefilter 6-12/12dB (3.5kHz)
  • Justerbart diskantnivå +3, 0, -3dB
  • Maks effekt: 160W
  • RMS effekt: 80W
  • Impedans 4 Ohm
  • Følsomhet (2.83V/1m): 90dB
  • Frekvensrespons: 65Hz-22kHz
  • Monteringsdybde: 60,4 mm
  • Griller inkludert

The Spirit of Sound... with a Kick
Besides its distinct yellow colour, the K2 Power line has become a lifestyle object in its own right worldwide. Once more, our engineers have pushed back the limits of performance to continue making the reputation of this extraordinary line synonymous with power and precision!? This new generation of the K2 Power line is a reference for the most demanding sound lovers.

Developed to allow you to reach the very top levels of acoustic reproduction and bass, the K2 Power range symbolizes Focal's expertise. Combining an evocative mix of pure sound control with detailed dynamics, speed and sophistication, the "Power Hi-Fi" concept, originally developed by Focal, has all the hallmarks of a reference line. Our signature yellow Aramid fiber inverted dome tweeter combines smoothness, precision, and clarity, optimizing imaging and producing an astonishingly loud, clear, and realistic soundstage. This key component makes the difference from the competition.

Another element essential to Focal's reputation for creating the very highest sound quality are the cones and subwoofers in the K2 Power line. They combine very high power handling and extremely detailed sound thanks to the exceptional rigidity of the K2's composite sandwich cone technology. Built with precision, impact and the culture of car audio, K2 Power represents our passion to build and deliver the best.

K2 Composite Sandwich Cone
The K2 Power's composite sandwich cone, unbeatable until now, combines three key features: rigidity, lightness and damping. This unique expertise Made in Focal combines a new patented TMd® (Tuned Mass damper) rubber surround which controls unwanted resonances to provide a clean and neutral midrange with very low harmonic distortion. The ventilated voice coil gap keeps the temperature of the voice coil low and stable for increased power handling and reliability. The subwoofers have been designed to work in very compact volumes while having a very high SPL and an amazing energy !

TKM & TKMX Tweeters
The major innovation of this new line Made in France is the M-shaped inverted Kevlar dome tweeter. This new and totally exclusive M-shaped inverted dome tweeter has been specifically designed to increase precision in the very high end. The push-pull motor inspired by the IAL technology dampens acoustic resonances on the back of the membrane and extends the low end of the frequency response, in a very compact housing.

K2 Power crossovers are equipped with high performance audiophile components, and exude the principals of Power and Reliability. 2016 Kevlar crossovers are now bi-amped, and feature versatile settings of low and high pass slope, high treble, level, etc. Through thermal camera imaging, the crossovers demonstrate optimization of component power dissipation, better reliability, and lower temperature.